Regina "11" decided to change to a unique name of SAUR for her teachings of metaphysics, paranormal phenomenons, ancient and esoteric knowledge that humankind have forgotten and that governments and religions had forbidden with the excuse that is superstition.

Nowadays people are in search for this kind of knowledge; we can find numerous fonts of way to learn more about human energy, cosmic energy, soul, spirit and most important, the finding of ourselves through yoga, cabala, meditation, and much more: all these with the purpose of regain our consciousness of our real mission and purpose in this life and this planet.

Regina Betancourt de Liska -Regina"11".

She was born in a small village of Colombia, Concordia in the state of Antioquia. She is the youngest of 18 kids of Juan De Dios Betancourt and Hermilia Ramirez. Like most south American countries, Regina's family was raised catholic and at her four years of age she was to be confirmed.
The ceremony was held at La Candelaria church in the city of Medellin; for the first time Regina could see the human aura surrounding peoples heads, thinking that this was privilege only for saints. There were 300 children to be confirmed that day, and She thought " how nice if that priest would hold me in his arms"; at that moment He took her in his arms and holder for a few minutes asking for her address to go visit her.

Regina "11" have dedicated last years in a crusade to dignified human life teaching the knowledge of the human thinking. She affirms that everyone has the ability to do so much good or do as much harm. She says that with discipline of our thoughts we can control factors in our lives that can determine if we want to be healthy or sick, rich or poor, happy or unhappy. Regina"11"s teachings do not interfere in peoples religions, She considers that religions are very personal and everyone has the right to choose the right religion for themselves.


Her teachings are presented on a very simple language that any person of any cultural level could understand. She keeps the audience fascinated for five continuous hours for two days.
This are the topics in a beginning class:
*How to see the human aura
*How to communicate by telepathy
*Basics of educating our unconsciousness with positive and affirmative thoughts; She is the pioneer of law of attraction, and have been teaching this practice for more than thirty years, it is important to mention the recent movie and book of "The Secret" which is based of law of attraction which says that everything we wish we can attract it and sooner or later we will accomplish it. (Some of the participants of The Secret were students of Regina long time ago.)
*How to educate children while they sleep.

*How to heal physical illness with imposition of hands ( we all are our own healers)
*How to heal with reflexology. (our feet, hands and ears have a map of our body and acupressure points that can heal many illnesses.

*How to study and learn a lesson without memorizing, and a technique to to take a test.
* Learn how to see the different faces that we posses and their significance, we can discover illnesses,accidents, personal events and much more.
*How to visualize a blue or green point which could lead the person to be clairvoyant.
*How to do astral projections.
*Most important topic on this class "The Evolution of Man"some people would disagree on this theory , but is a completion of understanding Her teachings.

These are many topics for being teach ed in a short period of time. But they are very meaningful and profound that requires time, discipline, practice, patience and most important willing to obtain consciousness of yourself; what is the purpose of being in this era, this planet; to become the truly son of God, helping others and complying with the laws of Mother Nature.

Regina "11" is the unique Master that along with her teachings, beginning or advanced does bio-feedback (She explains it like changing the energy.) More extent to this statement She works with Her energy and the assistants' and that way they become more connected to Her in order to understand better all the topics and obtain the capacity to practice more effectively all her teachings.

Researchers affirm that bio-feedback is a technique that includes the training of the mind. The idea of controlling the functions of the body and mind is not new. Many eastern philosophies like yoga, are based on the belief that meditation, and other process of thinking, can control the body.

Modern science is using this method with electronic equipment connected to electrodes to measure the rhythm of the breath, blood pressure, and heartbeat. Once the signals from the patients body are recorded with electronic instruments, a specialist in bio-feedback may recommend physical and mental exercises to achieve control and improve healthy problems. It can also serve as a relaxation technique for some people.

With Regina "11" teachings and healing techniques using our energy any person can achieve control of your mind, improvement of health, self confidence and how to dial with our daily lives of stress.


Even yet been Regina a catholic, her doctrine is compatible with all the religions, and has a level of inclination for ratifying the traditions of the Indian American, where the reality, the objects, the thinking, the creatures, feats and the environment are related among themselves and inevitably every one is a living part of each other.
Regina never talks about God of Devil, Heaven or Hell. When she speaks to people, speaks of human energy and cosmic energy.
She believes if one learns to recognize the laws of energy that inextricably bind us to nature, to humankind and universe; all kind of things like psychic healing, telepathy and levitation are possible to achieve. Regina thinks that a human thought is the most powerful energy that exits and with discipline of your thoughts, you can obtain more control of the natural rhythms which will determine if your life will be tragic or sad... or for the contrary very gratifying.
One exclusive concept of hers, and different of anything that I found on my trips, is that energy of all human life is residual energy, transmissible by facts or thoughts, and is the molecular residue, downloaded or viewed in a negative or positive way, what determines the relationship with ourselves and our environment. Contrary to the Indian beliefs, Regina does not contend that smaller forms of life and matter are capable of intelligent thoughts; but the collective intelligence of man and the molecular residue of human thoughts and facts determine the progress of humanity in its biological and psychological development and significantly help in the evolution of nature.
Regina is a tireless lecturer and dared. She has a way of keeping his audience fascinated for five hours continuously Her students vary from 5 to 95 years of age and come from all social levels; however the pattern of registration vary from country to country, in the United States college students were the most attended courses in mental relaxation; in Spain and France the doctors and professionals monopolized classes. In Ecuador the wealthy and social elite, especially the families of the ministers and plenipotentiaries of State, monopolized the courses; but in Bogota, Colombia things were different, the farmers and housewives in sober attire, predominate in the plush chairs where Regina taught in the elegant red hall of the Hotel Tequendama.
Regina is proud of this group which is extremely immaculate in his personal behavior. When the class ends and the last student leaves, there is not a single crumpled paper, cigarette butt or trash on the floor, Three thousand people came in and three thousand came out and left the auditorium as clean as it was when entered.

The Teacher Regina 11

We are in a time of change. Much has been written about the arrival of the change in the thinking of transcendental thought that goes beyond the traditional thinking that has dominated our culture, our beliefs and therefore our way of life. Today, I more or less I have knowledge of metaphysics, of esotericism, of spirituality. Societies, are already part of that knowledge and its members see how in a short space of time, the libraries are filled with authors who shout in unison: "You have the power to build your life." . One of those voices, which has led tirelessly this yearning for change in our minds, is Regina Betancourt of Liska (Regina 11), who decided to devote his life to this work. .

Guillermo Martinez, in the foreword of one of the books written by Regina 11, says: .

"In Macondo, magical country par excellence, it's just normal to be presented wonderful things attracted by sources of mental powers that are irrigating tirelessly with their environment and their amazing facts inexhaustible influence. In the vortex of all this magic indescribable, you Regina "11", an extraordinary mind incubated with universal force and tenderness of women, in a woman's body. And in the midst of their trances, which have become very essence of their evolutionary development, he says things, that we shall keep going, necessarily, the impressive whirlwind of anguish for what's coming, and hope therefore that each a lie. Regina "11" no threat. Female its attractive shapes how terrible their premonitions on warnings that are almost prayers that can be adopted or rejected according to the thinking of everyone, but it will always be there, inamnovibles, implacable as witnesses of his voice, like always, within the Stricter parameters and a consistency that makes you keep infinite still in the midst of the most troubling crossroads, always a straight line. Can not agree with it. But the impossible, is accused of having changed its course according to the changing circumstances of our human Gender, fickleness, treacherous and ungrateful. She, now almost in exile that he wanted his enemies, continues its march on the path eternal Communion at every turn of camnino with their "brothers superior" to warn that "nature is sick by the indolence of man, from Wars and the squandering of natural resources. " And Regina hears, sees, feels in the hontanares of his being the terrible words, and spear to the four winds. Its stifling premonicioines spread all around and left floating like an endless present for someone who takes. Someone who wants sumergirve in the obscurities of the universe, looking for a savior who directs its light walk. And in this insane quest, find your SACRED Grail. The cup that God lives in every woman and which can only drink which no longer drag the shortcut by deception, buying and selling of indulgences, the business of a comfortable place for the souls in the hereafter. The direct message that we wrote Regina is the apocalyptic warning, which is embodied with overwhelming clarity, and that has already been said by others, at other times distant. We can only hope, nothing more. The result of magnetic emissions emerging from the minds of Regina, communicated with older siblings already become evident. ". "Regina has the ability to do that, just by invoking the elements of nature. "Dear Regina: that all the constellations of the universe will join you in this wonderful moment of life, and to strengthen its glow illuminated the path and energy for your life and magic of your presence."

Guillermo Martinez Guerra
Published in the book: "South - Prime phenomenon"